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Steel Conduit Systems»

Steel Conduit

Steel Conduit Systems.

We have 3 types of conduit systems ; Threadless conduit systems, Thickwall conduit systems, Rigid steel conduit systems. We assure that our conduit systems are easy to bend, to cut, and to join. They are made from Alluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel, Hot dipped galvanization.

Cable Duct Systems »

Duct System

Cable Duct Systems.

Cable Duct is used to protect very sensitive circuits. Some engineers and designers specify Cable Duct (often with covers) in the belief that all electrical circuits have to be totally enclosed by metal. Our cable duct is made of Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Epoxy Painted steel, FRP fiberglass, hot dipped galvanization.

Cable ladders or Racking »

Cable ladders or Racking

Cable ladders or Racking.

These ladders carry large cables with high power capacity & can be used on all major industrial sites. Ladders come in various strengths depending on the loading capacity in either 3 or 6 metre lengths. Material used are Steel, Hot dipped galvanized, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Epoxy painted steel or FRP fiberglass.

Perforated Tray »

Perforated Tray

Perforated Tray.

These are suitable for laying cable in exposed area. Sizes range from 50mm wide and 2.4-6.0 metres in length. Materials used are hot dipped galvanized steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Epoxy painted steel or FRP fiberglass.

Oil and Gas Industry

  • fs

    Fire Security is a Norwegian company specializing in class approved repair and fire protection of electrical cables.

    We are the only producer in the world offering a turn key operation with specially

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  • hensel

    Coating systems for preventive fire protection

    Rudolf Hensel GmbH has got a tradition as manufacturer of varnishes and paints for more than 80 years.

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  • Sapu Jagad is inside Pipe Cleaning Services.


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Building Material

  • Absolute Safe

    Universal applicable fire protection coating for indoor and outdoor use.

    Approved weather-resistant product for cable,pipe or combined penetration sealings.

    Universal protective coating for cables and cable supporting structures to prevent a fire spread caused by short circuit or external fire source.

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  • PT Nusantara Puncak Mahodaya has been around for Fire Coating Proctection product and Masakaya Carbon Fiber Insulation Roofing

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  • masakaya

    Masakaya insulation roofing and cladding.

    # 1 product in high quality energy saving coct efficiency super durability.

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  • elprostudy

    ELPRO STUDY help you improve your business performance and achieve your business goals through training targeted at the specific competence needs of your organisation.

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  • Vajrayananusantara Foundation

    Tibetan Budhist Foundation in Indonesia

    We are a NON PROFIT ORGANISATION which are happy to support tibetan teaching all over indonesia.

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